Anti-inflammatory Practise ✔

The content of this Practice is based on my own experience, in 10 years accompanying people with different symptoms or pathologies and in PubMed biomedical research publications.


It is now known that inflammation is the basis of most diseases, illnesses, ailments.

This Practice will help you if:

  • you want to generate a positive change in any area of your life

  • you have inflammation or discomfort related to digestive problems, stress, pain, tiredness, anxiety

  • you want to lose weight in a healthy way

  • you want to know what foods to include and how to combine them

  • you seek physical, mental and emotional care

This is what you will get:

  • 30 pages of great content on:

  • nutritional tips anti-inflammatory menus

  • healthy lifestyle practices

  • and 45 minutes of online consultation with me

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The Anti-inflammatory Practise ✔

+ 45 minutes of online consultation

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