The secret to a long and happy life: ikigai (II). Habits.

Studies carried out in places with more longevity in the world, confirm that those who live the longest are not those who play the most sport, but those who move the most.

When the inhabitants of Ogimi (Okinawa, Japan), the oldest community in the world, are asked about their philosophy of life or their ikigai, and the secret to a long and active life, we see that:

for some of them it consist in getting together with their friends, for others it consists in doing things calmly, or working with wickerwork, or being busy without getting overwhelmed, opening their hearts to people with a smile; for others it’s laughing, or smiling, volunteering and accompany those who need it.

‘I get up at 5 every morning, I leave the house and go down to the sea. Then I go to a friend’s house and we have a cup of tea. That is the secret of a long life: get together with everyone and go from here to there.’


Being always busy, moving, doing tasks, not only keeps your mind active but also avoids sitting on a chair, so common in many societies.

After sitting for 30 minutes on a chair, the metabolism slows down by 90%. The enzymes that move fat from your arteries to your muscles reduce their activity. After sitting for two hours, the good cholesterol in the blood drops by 20%. Simply getting out of the chair for five minutes returns everything to normal – according to Gavin Bradley, a health and wellness expert.


Is it time to work on your well-being?

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