Strength training

Strength training is one of the pillars in health, it is at the same level as a good diet and emotional balance.

If you already exercise regularly such as running, walking, cycling, aerobic exercise, etc., also add strength/resistance training. You will benefit from:

  • losing weight

  • reducing injuries

  • improving mobility and balance

  • protecting you from serious diseases as it reduces the body’s ability to develop tumors

  • improving your cardiovascular health by improving the amount of fats in your blood

  • improving your brain health on many levels, such as the development of imbalances such as depression and anxiety


Our muscles stimulate our metabolism and have an anti-aging effect both physically and cognitively.

We gain muscle mass by resting properly, with a diet based on high biological value proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic index carbohydrates.


If from the age of 25 we begin to lose muscle mass, at 40 it accelerates. It is very important for women from the age of 40, to perform strength exercise since it builds bone (density) and slows down the demineralization process. These also help speed up metabolism naturally.

The body stores glycogen mainly in the liver and in the muscles, a lack of muscle mass worsens our management of blood glucose. Therefore, strength exercises prevent prediabetes and subsequent diabetes.


Now we see how muscle tissue plays a key role in our health.

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