Why an anti-inflammatory diet and practice?

A diet full of excesses causes inflammation to the body. Inflammation itself is not a disease, however, it is the way in which multiple diseases are manifested.


Today, due to our way of eating and our lifestyle, we live inflamed! Sometimes it is obvious, but not always. The problem arises when the inflammation becomes chronic, lasting weeks, months or even years.

Did you know that COVID-19 has different manifestations, and all of them are due to inflammation?

  • Inflammation of the blood vessel wall (coagulation).

  • Inflammation of the nerve endings (loss of taste and smell).

  • Inflammatory damage to the autonomic nervous system (lack of energy, tiredness, weakness).

  • The affection of the respiratory system, at a general level in organs such as the heart and liver among others, headache, encephalitis, delusions, etc., have to do with uncontrolled inflammation.

In these circumstances, we must optimize our immune system and control inflammation. With an anti-inflammatory diet and healthy lifestyle habits, we help the body to reduce it and recover well.


Is it time to work on your well-being?

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