Neti nasal cleansing

The Neti nasal shower loosens dried mucus encrustations, dissolves and expels dust, grease and other contaminants.

The most common cause of colds and other respiratory disorders is the toxicity of the nasal membranes that cause them to become inflamed and encrusted with toxic mucus, thus forming an ideal breeding ground for germs.


What is needed for a nasal cleaning?

  • lota or Neti (container)

  • filtered or low-mineralized bottled water

  • Himalayan or sea salt, for 200ml of water/ 5g of salt

When performing the nasal shower you will be amazed at the amount of garbage that comes out of the nose apart from the usual mucus. It is a simple practice, which provides great health benefits. You can do this nasal shower every day.


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