Benefits of practicing Mindfulness

Worry is a vicious circle. The more we stress about things, the more that other things are likely to cause us anxiety.

Calm is a virtuous circle. The more calm, clear and focused we feel, the more likely we are to feel comfortable with new challenges.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique that can help us by building our skills of attention and concentration; and the capacity to direct our awareness, in a positive way.


Mindfulness also:

  1. helps to control and recover from anxiety, stress, depression, anguish, fear.

  2. improves insomnia.

  3. allows us to modify our thoughts and habits.

  4. reduces chronic pain.

  5. improves concentration and the capacity of managing our concerns.

Practicing meditation regularly improves brain neuroplasticity, preserving the aging brain and improving cognitive functions.  Studies have proven that allows us to have more positive emotions and to sustain new challenging situations.

  • Can meditation slow rate of cellular aging? Elizabeth Blackburn Nobel Prize of Medicine 2009, Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 Aug.


Is it time to work on your well-being?

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