Nature connectedness

The ability of interaction with nature to enhance healing and growth, is called Ecotherapy.

This ability includes experiences such as: walking outdoors, hiking, gardening, laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, “forest bathing”, running, cycling, watching and listening to nature, walking barefoot on the Earth’s surface, interacting with animals, stargazing, having a picnic in the grass, and even collecting trash, cleaning up beaches or parks, planting trees, or any other activity that will apply to you.

To interact with nature can help you in many ways by:

  • Improving your mood, which is highly recommended in case of depression.

  • Having relaxing effects. It helps to establish habits of mindfulness, which facilitates a calm mind.

  • Improving social connection. Time spent in nature with other people, makes you feel connected to each other, which improves mood and social behavior.

While we do not pay for being connected with nature, its loss can result in a slower recovery time, greater distress, and reduced well-being.

Nature heals and helps us to a more internal listening. We can embrace it and discover an inner dialogue. We can accept nature and surrender to how it is at present and how it was. Once transformed, it could become a new fertile connection.

Ecotherapy can help you to connect with nature, and recover from physical, mental and/or emotional illnesses. During this connection with nature, we could remember that we are part of her, and she is part of us.


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