I believe in a healthy diet that allows having a physical, mental, and emotional balance.

If you suffer from inflammatory or digestive problems or you are interested in a preventative diet.


I suggest you have 3 sessions:

  • 1st consultation, 1 hour.

  • 2nd consultation of 30 minutes to resolve doubts.

  • 3rd consultation, 30 minutes to establish priorities.


What can you receive during these sessions?

  • Nutritional guidance based on an anti-inflammatory and preventive approach.

  • Anti-inflammatory menus that suit your taste and your needs.

  • A personalized program of healthy habits and lifestyles.

In most cases, the person finds a substantial improvement in their symptoms within a few weeks. A healthy and specific diet for each case is essential for physical, mental and emotional improvement.


 Is it time to work on your well-being?

I look forward to hearing from you.