Anti-inflammatory Practise

The content of this Practice is based on my own experience, in 10 years accompanying people with different symptoms or pathologies and in PubMed biomedical research publications.

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Mindfulness Sessions

I believe that emotions directly affect their physical and mental health, and that mindfulness helps us to be more aware of our thoughts, judgments, and of the present moment.

These sessions can help you to:

✔️ Improve your attention

✔️ Live with less stress

✔️ Recharge energy

✔️ Get to know yourself better

✔️ Manage your emotions better (anxiety, depression, fear, sadness…)


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  from satisfied clients

My experience with the Mindfulness sessions ‘Approaches to your Inner Being’, is very enriching. I did not know that our childhood has such an important influence on our personality and life.   C.B.

Mindfulness sessions are an incredible experience, it makes you aware of experiences that you have lived, and how you have faced them. You find yourself being so pleasant. The guided relaxation makes you feel so good and filled with a lot of peace. Thank you Cris for what you share with people/us.   C.S.

Regarding mindfulness sessions together with Systemic Therapy, I would say that I have recognized the ‘blind love’ to my mother after she passed away; and the importance in life of accepting, letting go, flowing, not fighting, being confident in life, calm, balanced, courageous, and loving each other kindly.

Systemic Therapy is magic when applying it consistently to yourself. It has helped me to understand many aspects of my father, my mother, and relatives. It seems that every aspect of life is related, and everyone does their best.   C.B.

My experience with “Approaches to Your Inner Being” has been very positive, I feel more relaxed.   S.

Mindfulness sessions have been a great discovery for me. Not only did I enjoy them, but Cris has been able to lead us through a journey into our interior. I liked it a lot and I would like to do it more often.   C.B.F.