Systemic Therapy, also known as Constellation Family Therapy, facilitates the understanding of emotional states. It makes us aware of hidden dynamics that make our lives difficult.

If you are going through a state of:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • fear

  • guilt

  • feeling of abandonment

  • grief

I suggest:

3 distanced consultations, to be able to determine the order that drives and sustains your physical, mental and emotional state, thus creating a solution movement.

I have been working for more than ten years as a holistic therapist, and I have seen how we can bring order to the family, work, school systems…, with this therapy. Being the family system the most important to which we belong. 

When we are harmonized with the family system, we reflect it positively in ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.



Talk and practice of Systemic Therapy for the College of Nursing of Girona (COIGI) – May 2021, Spain (in Spanish)

Thanks to Natalia Samper for offering me the opportunity to give this talk that I concluded with a practice (video); and my deepest gratitude to Bert Hellinger, Úrsula Stutz, Angélica Olvera, and Jose Carlos Pascual, for all they share and they have shared with love and respect about Systemic Therapy.


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